Sexual Assualt (Rape)

Sexual offense allegations are incredibly serious for a variety of reasons. Because of the nature of sex crimes, law enforcement officials and the public at large consider sex crimes among the worst crimes a person can commit, demanding relentless investigations and harsh penalties on those convicted. These cases often become a very public media affair. As such, allegations like sexual assault or rape can cause irreparable damage to a person's reputation, life and future, making it nearly impossible for these individuals to secure housing, employment, financial aid, and much more.

Along with a possible prison sentence and fines, a sexual conviction often requires the offender to submit a lifetime registration with local law enforcement. This registration allows the public to access the offender's name, address, and the crime for which he or she was convicted.

Sexual Assault Attorney in Fort Worth, TX

If you have been accused of sexual assault you need an aggressive, highly experienced defense counsel. The Edward G. Jones Law Firm has worked with clients throughout the DFW Metroplex and has the knowledge, strategies, and experience to zealously protect your rights and fight for the outcome you need.

There is always a story behind the offense and The Edward G. Jones Law Firm will ask the questions necessary to determine the best possible course of action, investigating police-recovered evidence, determining the relationship status of the parties involved, and considering the time frame in which the sexual assault was reported. Mr. Jones and his legal team will analyze all aspects of your unique case and craft a strategic defense to give you the most favorable chance of success.

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