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If you or a loved one is arrested and taken to jail, a bail amount is set which must be posted in order for the person to get out of jail. Sometimes the bail amount is considerably high due to the seriousness of the crime committed. If a person is unable to pay the bail amount, they can hire a bail bond company to post the bail amount.

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The bail bond is a surety bond that is paid to the court as insurance that the person shows back up to court for their court hearing. If the person does not appear in court for their hearing, the bond will be relinquished. The bail bond company will be out the money they posted for bail, and the court will issue a warrant for the person to be arrested and placed back in jail.

If the crime committed by the person held for bail is not considered serious, bail usually can be made immediately. If the crime committed by the person held for bail is considered a serious crime, bail cannot be made until a bail hearing. At the bail hearing, a judge will decide if bail can be posted and how much the bail will be in order for the person to be released from jail.

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Once released from jail, the next step is hiring a skilled attorney. Edward Jones and his firm understand this process well and in an effort to save his clients time and money, provides expertise as both a Bondsman and an Attorney.

Choosing an experienced Fort Worth Attorney who is also a skilled bondsman will help make this process easier. Mr. Jones will explain everything thoroughly and help you get through this difficult time. Call the Edward G. Jones Law Firm today.

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