Murder Defense Attorney in Fort Worth, TX

If you or a loved one is facing a murder charge, you are fighting the most serious offense under the law, one that carries heavy penalties. Law enforcement officers aggressively pursue and rigorously investigate anyone suspected of this crime. If you believe you are being investigated for murder, contact an attorney immediately. The sooner you have legal counsel, the better your defense can be.

A murder conviction can result in life imprisonment or worse. The state of Texas permits capital punishment, so those found guilty of murder, could face execution. In fact, there are more executions and death row inmates in Texas than in any other state.

Murder is a type of criminal homicide which is defined as taking another person's life without a lawful excuse. Because it involves intentional action from the offender, murder is the most serious criminal homicide charge one can face.

Degrees of Murder

There are varying degrees of murder, each encompassing different elements and degrees of intent, capital murder being the worst.

Capital murder is deliberately causing the death of another in specific circumstances, including:

  • The accused intentionally committed murder during the commission of a felony
  • The victim is a peace officer, fireman, judge or justice of the court

The accused was commissioned or was commissioned and paid another to commit murder

  • The accused intentionally caused the death of more than one person either in the same incident or separate incidents of the same scheme
  • The accused committed murder while escaping or attempting to escape from incarceration
  • The accused murdered a child under 6 years old

Murder itself is usually a first degree felony, but if it can be proven by substantial evidence that the act was committed in a heat of passion, the charge may be reduced to a second degree.

Obtaining Experienced Legal Counsel

The Edward G. Jones Law Firm is ready to help you if you face murder allegations. They understand how the prosecution and the court carry such proceedings and has proven strategies to help you fight the charges. Time is of the utmost importance, however, so contact Edward G. Jones Law Firm immediately if you or any of your family members are suspected.

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