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Credit and Debit Card Abuse

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The state of Texas vigorously pursues credit and debit card abusers regardless of what the reasoning may be, how small or large the charges are, or what the type of purchases are involved in the crime. Financial abuse cases involving credit and debit cards incorporate a very wide variety of diverse activities, such as:

  • Using a found credit/debit card
  • Using a stolen credit/debit card
  • Passing out information from a found or stolen card

The consequences of credit and debit card abuse varies on the how the card was obtained, what it was used for, and the amount of charges incurred. As a maximum punishment, the most serious of these charges can carry life prison sentences. Due to the severity of the penalties and the toll it can take an on individual's life, it is imperative that anyone accused of credit or debit card abuse contact an experienced attorney immediately.

Defending Credit and Debit Card Abuse in Fort Worth

The Edward G. Jones Law Firm has worked with clients accused of all types of fraud and credit/debit card abuse. Mr. Jones and his firm will craft creative strategies and present beneficial evidence in your defense to encourage a reduction or dismissal of the charges. Mr. Jones understands how the criminal legal system operates and has years of experience and proven methods to help you achieve the best possible results.

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