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Fort Worth Criminal Defense Attorney

If you or someone close to you has been arrested in Fort Worth, Dallas or a surrounding area, you need legal representation from a respected, passionate and experienced Criminal Defense Firm that is committed to protecting your legal rights. Fort Worth Criminal Defense Attorney Edward Jones focuses exclusively on criminal defense, both at the state and federal level.

Tarrant County Criminal Defense Lawyer Edward Jones and firm proudly represents clients in and around the Fort Worth & Dallas area, and uses strategic legal strategies to ensure that his clients’ best interests are looked after. As a former prosecutor and now a successful defense lawyer, Ed Jones and his legal team are equipped with the legal knowledge and experience to successfully lead you through the North Texas criminal justice system. If you are in need of a respected Fort Worth criminal defense firm, The Edward G Jones Law Firm can provide you with the attention, dedication, and vigorous representation you need to increase your chances of winning your case.

Fort Worth Criminal Defense Lawyer Ed Jones provides experienced, aggressive defense specifically for criminal charges in North Texas, including arrests for:

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The Edward G Jones Law Firm commonly represents clients charged with the following but not limited to:



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